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There are countless quotes from Orange Is the New Black that will make you want to start watching the show, if you haven't already. If you're all caught up on this Netflix series, then you might as well go back and watch a few of your favorite episodes. You know that they're good enough to see again and again, so what are you waiting for? If you've somehow forgotten how impressive the script, actors, and scenes are, here are some funny quotes from Orange Is the New Black to remind you of its greatness:

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Importance of Internet

Importance of Internet If you were sentenced to prison, what would you be worried about the most? Your blog, of course. Who cares about other things, like family and friends? This is one of the quotes from Orange Is the New Black that proves Piper is just like all of us. Even though her life seems like it's ending, technology is still important.


Chasing Chickens

Chasing Chickens The concept of this episode seems ridiculous, but it had a deeper meaning. The chicken represented hope, which is needed when one is placed in such a horrid situation. Of course, that doesn't make the chicken chasing scenes any less hilarious. Watching inmates try to catch the animal never fails to entertain.


Lovely Lesbians

Lovely Lesbians You can't watch this show unless you're okay with lesbian activity--which you should be. Of course, there are characters like Tiffany that aren't tolerant of others. She makes same-sex relationships seem like a bad thing, when we all know that's crazy talk. Her ignorance is laughable, but don't worry, because the actress is a great girl in real life.


Tasty Taco Night

Tasty Taco Night When life gets you down, it helps to remember that food exists. Even if you're far away from your friends and family, a good meal is sure to cheer you up. Take some advice from your favorite inmates and never give up hope that your fridge will be filled with snacks.


Problematic PMS

Problematic PMS Every girl knows how frustrating it is to hear that her emotions are the cause of menstruation. Isn't a girl simply allowed to be angry or upset or frustrated, because of a situation itself? Since people always blame PMS, Piper points out how silly their assumptions are. She's the spokesperson for our entire gender.


Little Lies

Little Lies Everybody knows that you can't believe everything you hear on the internet. That's why professors are so strict about avoiding Wikipedia. While Google sure is helpful, you can't always believe what it tells you. You never know when you're reading a lie.


Doused in Drama

Doused in Drama Piper's brother doesn't show up often, but when he does, he tells it like it is. No one likes drama, unless it's taking place on your favorite TV show. In real life, it's nice to have peace and quiet. It may be inconvenient to live so far from society, but it sure would be relaxing.

Orange Is the New Black is only available on Netflix, and has one season. The second season starts in a month, so make sure that you catch up before it's too late. You don't want your friends to discuss the show, and spoil it for you! If you're already a super fan of the show, who is your favorite character?

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Fave quote: I gave you my pie man..... By crazy eyes. Brilliant show!!!

awesome Show!!!

What about crazy eyes when she said chocolate and vanilla swirrl

swag babes

love love love this show. and my husbands cousin is coming on next season as on of the correction officers I'm so excited to see it!

what is it about? Tell Me!!

My fav is when Pipers mom comes to visit and turns her nose up at the inmates and Piper says "I am no different from "these women." I broke the law and I am "these women."

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