7 Funny Quotes from Orange is the New Black ...

There are countless quotes from Orange Is the New Black that will make you want to start watching the show, if you haven't already. If you're all caught up on this Netflix series, then you might as well go back and watch a few of your favorite episodes. You know that they're good enough to see again and again, so what are you waiting for? If you've somehow forgotten how impressive the script, actors, and scenes are, here are some funny quotes from Orange Is the New Black to remind you of its greatness:

1. Importance of Internet

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If you were sentenced to prison, what would you be worried about the most? Your blog, of course. Who cares about other things, like family and friends? This is one of the quotes from Orange Is the New Black that proves Piper is just like all of us. Even though her life seems like it's ending, technology is still important.

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