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Everyone loves Disney's Frozen, so it’s not surprising that there are tons of funny videos that honor it. Some are parodies of the songs, and others attempt to sum up the movie. The one thing that they all have in common is that they’re incredibly adorable! If you’re in the mood to smile, you have to watch these funny videos:

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Do You Want to Be My Boyfriend?

If you love the song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” then you’ll love this parody! It’s about a girl who is trying to score a date. She tries a little too hard, and is a little too unconventional, so she ultimately fails. This is one of the funny videos that you need to watch if you want to brighten your day.


Frozen Medley

This video has funny bits, even though it showcases some great singers. If you want to delight your ears while letting yourself laugh, this is the video for you. It contains multiple people, somewhat dressed like the characters in the movie. The best part? It doesn’t only feature one song. It has a combination of different ones, and they’re all sung beautifully.


Let the Words Go

In this video, a girl sings an edited version of "Let It Go." She put the lyrics of the song into Google translate, changed it between languages a few times, and sang the finished product. Some of the words remain the same, but the ones that are changed are quite hilarious. Don't worry, she has a good voice, so the video won't be hard to watch. It's completely enjoyable.


Singer’s Song

This is a song about singing. It parodies "Let It Go," and talks about how difficult it is to sing as an alto. If you’ve ever attempted to sing high notes, and failed, then you'll find this relatable. Even if singing isn't your area, you can appreciate the humor behind the words.


Love is an Open Door Proposal

If you get jealous of cute couples, beware! This video shows a girl getting proposed to by her boyfriend while they sing "Love Is an Open Door." It's more adorable than funny, but that doesn't mean you should skip it. Her reaction alone is worth watching, so don’t let this video pass you by. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t end up treating her like Hans.


Frozen (Censored)

Don’t watch this video if you’re not a fan of crude humor. It censors pieces of Frozen that aren’t supposed to be censored. This certainly isn't something you want to watch with your children. It's meant for an adult audience, and contains many adult concepts. If you're old enough to understand the humor, then you'll be glad to have seen this.


Cute Kitten Version

If you’re a cat person, you need this video in your life. It sums up the movie by using kittens! How much cuter can it get? Just don't watch this if you want to avoid spoilers. There are some big plot twists revealed. The video may not be as good as the original movie, but it gets an A for effort.

I’m sure you’ve seen the film by now, since it’s become so popular in such a short amount of time. What’s your favorite song from Frozen? What about your favorite character?

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So cool!! Lovin it!

Aww I love that one reaction when the guy proposes

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