7 Funny Ways to Turn down Sex when You're Not in the Mood ...

You shouldn't have sex with your boyfriend whenever he tries to initiate it. If you're not turned on, then don't go through with it just to please him. Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both parties, so if you don't want to sleep with him, don't do it. If you're embarrassed to tell him that you're not in the mood, here are a few funny ways to turn him down instead:

1. Iā€™m Not in the Mood to Be Disappointed by You

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Let's face it: Unless you've been with him for a while and have taught him how your body works, he's probably not going to make you all that happy in bed. He'd be the only winner, which is why you should just be blunt by telling him you aren't in the mood to be disappointed by his poor performance.

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