Let Garfield Convince You to Get a Little Lazy ...

You'll love reading Garfield inspired quotes, because this cartoon kitty is the original grumpy cat. He hates mornings and he loves being lazy, which are universal qualities. He's just like you and me, so you're sure to adore him. Here are some of the best Garfield inspired quotes that you can steal the next time you're in a grumpy mood:

1. Moody Mornings

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It's nice to be up early and have an entire day ahead of you, but it's not fun to hear that alarm go off. When you're having a sweet dream about your celebrity crush and ringing interrupts an imagined kiss, all you want to hit snooze and go back to dreamland. This is one of the Garfield inspired quotes that you'll remember the next time you have to wake up before noon.

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