7 GIFS That Only Single Ladies Will Understand ...


Being single can be pretty exciting, but many ladies consider it to be a form of torture. When you feel that way, your relationship status can cause you to think that the world is a miserable place. However, that's far from the truth, and even if it wasn't, you're definitely not alone. Here are some GIFS about being single that all of you unattached women will get a kick out of:

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The Awesome Internet

The Awesome Internet Some people hate being single, because they can't stand the thought of being alone. However, how could you ever feel lonely when you have the entire Internet to explore? There are plenty of people to talk to, celebrities to stalk, and videos to watch. It's impossible to feel lonely when you have so much to do in the palm of your hand.


On Your Own

On Your Own Why would you need a man when you're the most entertaining person around? You don't need anyone else, because you're capable of keeping yourself happy. You know exactly what kind of jokes will make you laugh and what kind of food will keep you satisfied, so there's no reason to rely on anyone else.


Staring at Sweeties

Staring at Sweeties Even when you're happily single and have absolutely no interest in dating again, it's hard to ignore a cutie. When you see a guy (or girl) that you find attractive, you can't help but stare. I mean, you might as well gawk at all the hot people you see while you're still single. Once you're in a relationship, you'll have to advert those pretty eyes.


Pleading with Pets

Pleading with Pets You might not be attached to a guy, but you're attached to your pet. All of your love is going to them, so you hate when they treat you poorly. I mean, you feed them and pet them and love them, so the least they could do is let you squeeze them without running away.


All Alone

All Alone Sherlock may be a little wacko, but he has a good point. If you don't develop feelings for anyone, then they can't hurt you. Maybe you're better off being alone. Of course, you'll change your mind as soon as you meet a hot new man.


Can't Take Cute Couples

Can't Take Cute Couples When you're single, you don't want to hear your friend's cute story about the date she went on with her boyfriend. You don't want to watch any couples hugging and kissing, either. It's just plain rude of them to flaunt themselves like that when they know that you're still single and silently judging them.


Venomous Valentine's Day

Venomous Valentine's Day Couples are happy enough already. They don't deserve a holiday where they get to brag about their love while all the single ladies watch with jealousy. This Valentine's Day, make sure to avoid social media sites so you don't have to see how happy everyone else is. Instead, buy yourself some chocolate and enjoy your own life.

Being single isn't nearly as bad as some people make it out to be. Sure, you don't have anyone to kiss, but you do have the opportunity to do whatever you feel like doing, so enjoy your single status while it lasts! Are you happy being single or are you hoping that you'll land a date with your crush soon?

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Agree with you, Seebeyondurself!!💖💖

Wow! This was negative hahaha! Not inspiring at all. Note to author: let all that anger out in a more positive way not in this article ha!. A tip for single ladies be happy with yourself first then everything falls into place in your life.

As Beyoncé says... All he single ladies put your hands up! 🙌😂

Rather be single than compromise!!

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