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7 Gifs to Use the Next Time You Talk to Your Crush ...

By Holly

When you talk to your crush over the Internet, it can be difficult to find the right words to say. However, since you're part of the twenty-first century, you don't have to say any words at all! Instead, you can send him a GIF that explains exactly how you feel. Here are a few good ones to help you out the next time you talk to your crush:

1 Tell the Truth

Tell the Truth Honesty is the best policy, right? When you talk to your crush, you might as well tell him the truth about yourself. If he knows all of your flaws now, then the only things left for him to learn about you are your good qualities. That means his opinion of you will only go up over time.

2 Strut Your Stuff

Strut Your Stuff Men like confidence. Don't let him think that you're some damsel in distress that is waiting for him to find you and tell you how beautiful you are. You don't need his approval in order to feel good about yourself. You already know how gorgeous you are, so flaunt it.


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3 Brag a Bit

Brag a Bit If he compliments you, you'll be singing this song in your head. It's clear he wants you. I mean, who wouldn't? You're a catch, so he'd be lucky to land you. Let him know that you feel the same so you can get all the awkwardness over with and go out on a date already.

4 Admit Your Annoyance

Admit Your Annoyance If you're planning on having a nice, flirty conversation with your crush, but then he goes on and on about his grandmother--or even worse, his new girlfriend--you won't be very happy. You just wanted to have a simple conversation where you declare your undying love for each other. Is that really too much to ask?

5 Say You're Single

Say You're Single Make sure your crush knows about your single status. You wouldn't want him to assume you're in a relationship and then never ask you out on a date. He needs to be reminded that you're single so that he doesn't miss his golden opportunity to be your boyfriend. He might have a bad memory, so you'll need to jog it or you'll never land that kiss.

6 Deliver Your Digits

Deliver Your Digits If you've been talking on Facebook for the past few months, it's time to move to the next step, which of course is texting. You want to give him your number in a sly, sweet way in order to capture his interest. If you're awkward about the whole thing, then he might never send you a message. You don't want to ruin a good thing before it begins.

7 Be by Yourself

Be by Yourself If you're trying your best to get your crush to like you but everything you do fails, forget about him. You don't need him when you have yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back or a self-five, and then enjoy a relaxing day on your own. Grab a book, log into Netflix, or surf the web.

When you talk to your crush, you may want to bypass the GIFs, because he'd rather hear what you'd have to say. You might not be the most eloquent speaker, but he needs to get to know the real you. How do you usually start up a conversation with your crush?

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