Girls with Anxiety Can Appreciate and Relate to These Comic Strips ...


Okay, these comics are funny, even thought they're about something that's not funny at all: anxiety. If you suffer from panic and anxiety of any kind, these comics were made just for you, so grab your favorite blanket and maybe a cup of tea, and see how many of these you can relate to.

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Party Girl

cartoon, font, play, brand, illustration, Oh my goodness, yes. Those are my three favorite things. Well, swap "tea" for "ice cream" and we're good.


Reward Stickers

font, product, brand, line, ANXIETY, Today, I'd have earned the phone call one. Why oh why is it so hard to make calls?


So Real

text, cartoon, font, biology, illustration, This is EXACTLY how panic and anxiety feel... I get the sweaty hands and the wobbly knees.



cartoon, font, play, clip art, illustration, That's it. I'm carrying a hot dog with me at all times, and some mustard of course. "What do I do with my hands" problem solved.


Calming Thoughts

cartoon, font, product, brand, line, There's nothing cuter than daddy penguins. Google some images. Seriously. They need a meme or something, stat.


When You're Sad

font, line, shape, diagram, WHAT, The nest thing is my healing. Which one of these is yours? Is there another way you make your soul feel better?


How It Feels

text, cartoon, font, brand, line, Don't you wish more people understood this? Maybe we should make this comic required viewing in middle schools.


The opposite of Conversation Starters

icon, font, emoticon, brand, line, The "rude" and "honest opinion" ones usually mean someone's about to insult me, so I just walk away...



font, line, diagram, shape, brand, Handshake, high-five, or a HUG. I can't count how many times I've gone in for a hug and all they wanted was a handshake. I'm getting anxious just thinking about it...

Okay, so which of these comics did you relate to most? How do you cope with anxiety and panic?

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When I get anxious, I have the emotional urge of throwing up. It hasn't physically happened (yet).

I relate to each and every one of these comics!! My anxiety is terrible, I don't like going out most days, but I make myself go to the gym

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