7 Highbrow Things It's Okay to Hate ...

With our growing obsession with the celebrity lifestyle and the lavishness portrayed on our favourite shows, it’s not surprising that we are expected to enjoy highbrow things. However, most of us do not live on the Upper East Side, do not vacation in St Barts and are happy to swig some Cava on New Year’s Eve. So fear not ladies, let’s be real - it’s perfectly fine not to enjoy the highbrow things in life!

1. Champagne

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Topping the list of highbrow things it’s okay to hate has to be champagne. Let’s face it, it’s ridiculously expensive, it makes you belch and doesn’t even taste that good! As decedent a temptation it may be to appear sophisticated sipping your Moet, personally ,I’d rather have a giggle glugging my chardonnay…

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