11 Hilarious and Relatable Quotes from the Mindy Project to Brighten Your Day ...


There are so many funny quotes from The Mindy Project, all of them sure to make your day better than it already is. I don't know about you, but I can watch this show all day, every day. The jokes just never seem to get old! If you loved Mindy Kaling's hilarious one-liners in The Office, you'll love them even more on this show. The entire cast is made up of comedic geniuses! Here are 11 of my own favorite hilarious and relatable quotes from The Mindy Project to brighten your day.

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Forever Alone

Forever Alone Sigh, Mindy just gets it. Why go through all that trouble? This is just one of the quotes from The Mindy Project that'll brighten up your day!



Thoughts Being alone and actually having to think about life? No thanks - turn on the TV! Mindy's very aware of the dangers of being alone with your own thoughts.


Role Model

Role Model Nobody knows your awesomeness like you do. Let's be real, you're the best! And that's why you've become your own inspiration. It's a tough job but someone's got to do it, right?



Rights What we do want? Life, liberty and chicken wings! When do we want it? NOW! Mindy will never let anyone stand in her way and it's awesome to see such a badass woman fight for what she wants.


Love Life

Love Life Does your dating life ever feel like a movie? Unfortunately, it's never the quirky rom-com we all want. It's a little more complicated than that, but as long as you're owning your role, you'll eventually get that happy ending! I don't know if you'll actually get an Oscar for it though.


Life Goals

Life Goals Who else has sass-mouth? Mindy always says what she feels, when she feels it. That's comedy gold right there!


Spider in a Cup

Spider in a Cup What do I do when I see a spider nearby? Yell, of course. It doesn't matter that the spider is smaller than me and probably more afraid of me than I am of it... I'll still freak out. Mindy knows freaking out over bugs is totally acceptable.


Pros and Cons List

Pros and Cons List I can't help but laugh every time Tamra speaks. Seriously, she's hilarious. Remember when she had to choose between Ray Ron (played by Josh Peck) and Dr. Morgan?! What would have made your cons and pros list?



Food Forget retail therapy. McDonald's didn't name it the "Happy Meal" for just any reason! Mindy knows that in times of distress, a yummy burger and fries will always do the trick. What's the go-to food that cheers you up?



S.a.t.c Let's give it up for Danny Castellano. He's got a different sense of humor than Mindy does but he still has some of the funniest one-liners. He's always direct and straight to the point! How would he describe SATC?



Secrets Do you ever find yourself listening to someone ramble on and on about something and you're just like, "Hmm... what am I having for dinner tonight?" If you don't really care, you probably won't remember the secret in the next hour. Which means, like Mindy, everyone's secrets are safe with you.

Well, there you have it. This show always manages to brighten up my day by giving me tons of laughs. There's never a dull moment in any of the episodes! Which of these quotes made you LOL the most?

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hahahhahaha so relatable 😂😂😂

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