7 Hilarious Holiday Songs to Boost Your Spirit ...


You can't be upset this time of year, especially when there are so many hilarious holiday songs to listen to. You don't have to listen to the same classic tunes every single year for the rest of your life. There are some perfectly good alternatives that you'll love hearing. Here are some of the most hilarious holiday songs that should get a laugh out of you:

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12 Pains of Christmas

If you celebrate Christmas, you know how exciting it can be. Of course, you also know that there are plenty of downsides. This song talks about all of the annoying things that the holidays include, like putting up lights, sending cards, and paying bills. This is one of the most hilarious holiday songs to boost your spirit this season. It's a great twist on a classic carol.


Rusty Chevrolet

This song doesn't talk about any particular holiday, but references the winter in general. If you've ever been stuck driving an old car during a brutal storm, you'll love the lyrics. The snow is bad enough to trudge through without having to deal with a car that's falling apart and has a broken heater.


Hanukkah Song

Everyone should hear this song about Hanukkah by Adam Sandler. He's a funny dude, but that doesn't mean that he can't sing a catchy tune. This song's lyrics have changed a bit over the years, but every version is just as good as the last. Even if you're not Jewish, you should hear this tune. As long as you understand the references, you'll love it.


Just Another Christmas Song

This song is sung by Stephen Colbert. If you're annoyed by all of the Christmas songs that you're stuck hearing an entire month before the holiday, then you'll enjoy what he has to say. He makes fun of all of the traditions that we've gotten so used to performing. If you can laugh at society, this song is for you.


I'm Gettin' Nuttin' for Christmas

This is an old song, but it never loses its humor. It's about a child who thinks he's getting nothing for Christmas because he's been a bad boy. While the things he did were wrong, they're pretty darn funny to hear him sing about. It's a great tune to play to your younger siblings and cousins. It'll teach them to be good all year 'round if they want to be spoiled during the holidays.


My Christmas List

You remember Simple Plan, don't you? Well, they sing this awesome song about all of the things they're scribbling down on their Christmas list. They show you that it's okay to get a little greedy every once in a while. Just don't expect to actually receive all of the useless things that you've been begging to get, because you can't always get what you want.


Alvin and the Chipmunks

You may have heard this song before, because it tends to be played on your favorite radio stations. It's sung by Alvin and the Chipmunks and is about how excited they are for the holiday season. They just can't wait to get their paws on presents.

No matter what holiday you celebrate, make sure you have fun! Are there any other songs you've heard that have made you laugh?

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'Fairytale of New York' - one of the funniest songs ever! I listen to it even when it's not Christmas!

Redneck 12 days of Christmas

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