7 Hilarious Jonah Hill Interviews That'll Keep You Laughing ...

There are so many incredibly funny Jonah Hill interviews that'll make your stomach hurt from so much laughing! I may or may not have binge-watched all of his interviews on YouTube and have come to the conclusion that Jonah's my new favorite person. He's just so humble and genuine! My favorite thing about him is how effortless it is for him to make people laugh. You can tell it brings him so much joy! Check out some of my favorite Jonah Hill interviews.

1. Get Him to the Greek: Myspace Live Australia

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I've seen this interview way too many times and somehow it gets funnier EACH time. How is that possible?! The video that Jonah mentions in the interview is HILARIOUS by the way - I definitely suggest looking it up if you haven't already. I love how Jonah is so genuine with his answers, he seems like he's so easy to get along with! This video is sure to bring you tons of laughs. It's just one of many Jonah Hill interviews that are so funny!

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