9 Hilarious Leslie Knope Quotes That'll Make You Love Her ...

If you're a fan of Parks & Recreation, then you know all about the hilarious Leslie Knope quotes! Honestly, sometimes I'm convinced that she's my spirit animal. Anyone else come to this realization? If you haven't, you will very soon! She's pretty much my favorite character in the show because she makes every scene laugh-out-loud funny! Check out these awesome Leslie Knope quotes that'll totally make you into a fan if you weren't already.

1. Priorities

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Leslie knows the importance of priorities. Out of friends, waffles and work, work will always come third. LOL! I love how obsessed she is with waffles - it's so funny to watch! Remember that waffle shaped purse she had? Where can we get one of those?! The list of hilarious Leslie Knope quotes only get better.

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