9 Hilarious Memes Taking over the 'Net ...

Between the Olympics, award show season, and several popular holdovers from 2013, there are several hilarious memes floating around that might just withstand the test of time. Memes come and go faster than the latest fashions, so you can never tell if what you find funny today will be all but obsolete tomorrow. Based on how often these particular hilarious memes pop up on our Tumblr dashes, Twitter feeds, and Facebook timelines, I think these will still cause giggles for a few more months, at least.

1. Beyonce Smash

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This one's from last year, but it's still one of the most hilarious memes I have ever seen. I think Beyonce is great – and I also think her greatness is why this unfortunate, unflattering snap is so popular. Bey is practically perfect, she always looks flawless in her photos and videos, and she's basically the Queen of the World right now. Catching her looking anything but amazing is shocking, and proves that even Beyonce has her off moments. Plus, seriously, even though I know it's real, I can't ever see her Super Bowl meme without thinking it's somehow photoshopped. What happened here?

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