The Meme Review: What Made Us Laugh This Year ...

There are some memes that sum up 2014 better than words ever could. I mean, it’s December, so it’s great fun to look back at what we’ve all been laughing at over the past 12 months. Boy has it been strange! From the Winter Olympics to the World Cup and THAT picture of Kim, here’s a round up of the memes that sum up 2014 perfectly. How many did you use?

1. Suarez’ Bite…

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Yep, one of the most well-known memes that sum up 2014 is that Suarez bite. The Liverpool player (at the time!) already had a reputation after chomping on a Chelsea player during a Premier League match, and he repeated the performance during the World Cup, this time biting down on Italian player Giorgio Chiellini.

As you can imagine, brands went crazy. From KitKat to McDonalds, everyone started sharing hilarious images, and internet users started photoshopping Suarez biting EVERYTHING. My favourite? The Jurassic Park image.

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