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Sometimes responding with words is not enough; words just don’t fully express everything that you want to say, which is why hilarious memes often come in handy. They are straight to the point, funny and effective in carrying out everything you have to say. Plus they are just fun to use between friends! Hilarious memes spice up every conversation and bring in more laughter to your day.

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Wat We have all received texts and messages from friends that make no sense at all. It is hard to decipher what they are trying to say and it is even harder to decide how to reply. However, with a few of hilarious memes at your disposal such as this one, you will be able to reply quickly with addition of a comedic twist. According to knowyourmeme.com, it is “the only proper response to something that makes absolutely no sense.”


Watch out

Watch out This hilarious rage comic character with a defensive gesture is usually used to mock boastful statements made by the Internet users. It was first originated from a still image from an interview with Neil DeGrasse Tyson and was later associated with a catchphrase “Watch out we are dealing with a badass over here.”


Rage Face

Rage Face The Rage Face meme is often used to express a variety of emotions such as astonishment, rage and revelation. This image first appeared in a rage comic but the artist behind it is still unknown. Nonetheless it has been used all over the Internet and became one of the most recognizable memes of today.


Mother of God

Mother of God This is one of my personal favorites when it comes to memes. I can’t even count how many times I have used it in the past conversations. It is one of the best ways to nonverbally express your shock or disbelief in a very original way. Plus, it is just completely hilarious!


Not Sure if

Not Sure if The following meme that was taken from a still of Fry from Futurama is often used to represent internal dialogue. It is often accompanied by a variety of phrases that follow the template of “Not sure if ****_ or just ****_”. With so much uncertain information presented to us on the Internet, this surely comes in handy in a variety of situations.


I Don’t Know

I Don’t Know Before the dog version of this meme first came out, people expressed their sense of confusion by using a stick figure with shrugging arms. However once a picture of this dog was uploaded from a Korean image board site, it blew up on the Internet. The Internet can’t resist cute puppies!


Oh, Stop It!

Oh, Stop It! The “Oh Stop It You” character first appeared on the GODBEAMS blog and was later featured in rage comics. Now it is used to convey self-modesty after receiving compliments or anything of that sort while communicating over the Internet. Save it on your device and you will definitely get some use out of it.

With such a widespread use of technology and nonverbal communication, memes are becoming very prevalent. Plus it is slowly becoming “a thing’ among teenagers and we all know that once teens get hung up on something, it is here to stay. What are some of your favorite memes to send around? Share in the comments.

Sources: knowyourmeme.com

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Yes exactly these hilarious memes seem to be more funny and entertaining when they have anything related to your life.

Ay, the 3rd one ain't rage face. It's Surprised Gasp Meme, know your Meme's.

Love this site but wish the info could be pinned easily on Pinterest.

I love doge memes lol

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