7 Hilarious Music Videos to Fun Catchy Songs ...

By Holly

7 Hilarious Music Videos to Fun Catchy Songs ...

There are some pretty hilarious music videos that accompany great songs. Even though some of the songs seem serious, their videos will change the way you listen to them. Seeing something that you would have never expected is what makes watching them so much fun! Bands are able to please your eyes as well as your ears in these hilarious music videos, so sit back and enjoy:

1 Stuck like Glue by Sugarland

Have you ever liked someone, but were unable to date them? This is one of the hilarious music videos that takes love a little too far. A woman kidnaps the boy that she's obsessed with and tries to have some fun with him. However, she commits the crime whilst singing a catchy song that will stay stuck like glue in your head for days.

2 Turn down for What by DJ Snake

There aren't many lyrics to this song, but the beat is incredibly catchy. It's perfect for any dance party, and the video proves it. It shows a group of people dancing in ways you've never seen before. This video is definitely worth the watch, because you'll see quite a few things that you wouldn't expect.

3 Hopeless Wanderer by Mumford and Sons

Instead of appearing in their own music video, Mumford and Sons are replaced by Jason Bateman, Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte. They don old fashioned clothes while playing instruments that make it look like they're the ones singing. If you're not a fan of these actors already, you'll love them by the time the video comes to an end.

4 Feel like Dancin' by All TIme Low

This song makes fun of all of the things record labels expect their singers to do to make money. If you thought being a famous star was easy, then this song will change your mind. There are little scenes that contain talking and no singing, but they add to the story. You'll be too busy laughing to even realize that they're thrown into the video.

5 Last Friday Night by Katy Perry

Everyone knows how entertaining Katy Perry's music videos are. She never disappoints. This video shows her dressed as a nerdy teenager trying to have some fun. Everyone can relate to it, because we've all been in her shoes before.

6 Gonna Get over You by Sara Bareilles

This upbeat song will help you get over any boy that treats you poorly. You won't be able to look away from Sara's dancing. She'll make you want to get up and dance along with her, so don't hold back.

7 Faith (when I Let You down) by Taking Back Sunday

If you're a fan of cat videos, then you'll find this video entertaining. It depicts a cat that got famous off of a YouTube video and decides to head off to Hollywood. He goes on talk shows, fails at auditions, and talks to fans. The concept is incredibly ridiculous, but it's a fascinating tale.

Even if a song sounds amazing, it helps to have a great music video to accompany it. It helps make the song even more memorable, and will get fans talking about it. What's the funniest music video that you've ever seen? Do you like the song that goes along with it?

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Songs by Aqua or The Cartoons were funny.. Also several Eminem videos

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