7 Hilarious Reasons to Get out of Bed Each Morning ...


When you’re tired of life, or simply sleepy, there are reasons to get out of bed and start your day. Sleeping all day sounds like paradise, but you have to wake up sooner or later. You never know how amazing your day is going to turn out to be once you get going. Even if you’re sure the day is guaranteed to be a disaster, here are some hilarious reasons to get out of bed each morning:

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What’s better than food? As soon as you wake up, you get to eat something yummy. If you’re lucky, a parent or partner is already cooking, and you’ll be able to smell the deliciousness from your room. One of the reasons to get out of bed is to get into the kitchen. You know you're hungry, so don’t fight your instinct to eat.



Think of all the new memes and Tumblr posts that were uploaded while you slept. There’s plenty of new content on all of your favorite websites. You never know what kind of news TMZ will tell you about, or what kind of comments your Facebook status received. The only way to find out is to look, so wipe the sleep from your eyes and open up your laptop.


New Shows

If you’re not satisfied with all of the new posts online, there are plenty of episodes to watch on Netflix. Maybe they uploaded some new seasons. Maybe they’ll recommend your new favorite show. Even if your life is bland and boring, you never know what a fictional character’s life has in store for them. Go find out!



Some people keep their cell phones right next to them on the bed, but it'll benefit you to keep your electronics in another room. That way, you'll have to roll out of bed in order to check your messages. You never know what happened while you were asleep. Maybe your crush texted you or your friend called to tell you great news. Well, you have to get up to find out.



Pajamas are comfy, but remember how amazing it feels to step into an outfit that you feel confident in. Once you wake up, you can put on a pretty dress or your favorite pair of jeans. Your looks don't determine your worth, but they certainly can make you feel fresh. So strip off your PJs and put on your best outfit.


A Look

Sometimes, one small moment can make your entire day. If you see a good looking guy on the street, and make two seconds of eye contact, it can result in happiness for the rest of the day. Once you step out of the house, you never know what will happen. Adventures are waiting for you, but you have to go out to find them.


Sleep Again

If you stay in bed all day, you'll stop appreciating how good it feels to be in that bed. But if you get up and live your life, you'll be thankful when it's time for bed again. Don't worry, sleep is only a few hours away.

It's okay to have a few lazy days, but you don't want to spend every single day in your room. What helps you get out of bed each morning? Is it a person or something else entirely?

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Reason bigger than of these is to gossip.. New gossip for a new day

Just be thankful that God remembered to wake you up!

I totally agree with the food and internet! Lol, love this post.

Ha! Too funny!! I emailed this post to my daughter.

I love seeing the sun rise in the morning, the colours change in the sky, pink, blue, so beautiful and it brings an amazing feeling of peace inside. And also to wake up and immediately turn your heart into thankfulness, saying thank you for everything !! It makes such a difference the way you start your day!!!

Lolz love it!

Food ! Hahah

Not sure hilarious was the right word. But anyway it was an amazing post!!!!!!

Omg love it

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