7 Hilarious Segments from the Ellen DeGeneres Show ...


7 Hilarious Segments from the Ellen DeGeneres Show ...
7 Hilarious Segments from the Ellen DeGeneres Show ...

There are countless segments from the Ellen DeGeneres show that'll leave you laughing hysterically! I try to watch the show every day because there's never a dull moment on it. From her celebrity guests, musical performances, and hilarious segments, the Ellen DeGeneres show does it all. Check out some of my favorite segments and then let me know which ones are your favorites!

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What's Wrong with These Photos?

This segment was one of my favorites! Ellen would show pictures that were sent in by viewers and they'd be hilarious. They're all pictures that have something quirky in it, something that just doesn't look right. It was one of my favorite segments from the Ellen DeGeneres show!


In Your Facebook

This segment was hilarious and embarrassing all at the same time! Ellen would surprise her audience by picking a select few members and showing off their Facebook posts to everyone. Of course, the more embarrassing your photos were, the higher the chance Ellen would show your picture to everyone!


Amy Talks Lyrics

This segment is easily one of my favorites! Ellen sends her writer, Amy, to different places with one mission. She can speak ONLY in song lyrics! It's hilarious to see her talk the lyrics and to watch the strangers' reactions! In the latest video, Amy talks the lyrics to Icona Pop's "I Love It," Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop," and Bruno Mars' "Grenade." My absolute favorite of the video has to be the man at 3:08. I love that he just played along!


Kevin the Cashier

Every time there's a new "Kevin the Cashier" video, I get so excited! These videos are hilarious. Ellen sends her writer, Adam, to different places where he pretends to be an employee there. He purposefully acts like the worst employee there could possibly be and it's so funny to watch these strangers react to him. In this video, he pretends to work at the movie theater. What would you do if you ever ran into Kevin the cashier?


What Were They Thinking?

I love this segment! Ellen films her audience dancing and then tells us what they were thinking at that very moment. Fair warning, don't watch this video if you're not in a position to laugh for a good two minutes! I wonder what really was going through these people's minds!


World Wide Whaaat?!

For this segment, Ellen brings you her wildest finds from the Internet. Let's face it, there are some pretty wildly hilarious things out there on the world wide web. Ellen encourages her audience to send her anything they think should be on TV! In her latest segment, she shows her audience "Cashcats.biz," "Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza" (which had me laughing so hard), and "Actresses without Teeth," that actually photoshopped Ellen's record-breaking Oscar selfie to make it look like no one in the picture has any teeth!


Weekly Tweetly Roundup

You can always find really funny people on Twitter. Ellen knows that and so she dedicated a whole segment to showing off people's funny tweets! In her "Weekly Tweetly Roundup" segment, she reads hilarious tweets and lets you know how you can follow that person!

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out many hilarious segments from the Ellen DeGeneres show! She's always adding new segments, which I love. If you watch Ellen as much as I do, which segment of hers has been your favorite? Of the list, which do you think is the funniest?!

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