8 Hilarious Things to Watch on YouTube that Happened IRL ...


Feel like binge-watching some super funny clips on YouTube? Check out these hilarious links below and comment which was your favourite!

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Wrong Winner Announced (live!)

This goes down in history as being one of the worst live finales ever! Judge and supermodel Sarah Murdoch announces the wrong winner of Australia's Next Top Model after the wrong name was given to her. Luckily, the two final girls are able to smile and take it on the chin as the real winner is announced!


Incident on Roller Coaster

Maybe the harnesses on roller coaster rides isn't so safe, after all! One unlucky girl nearly falls through her safety harness when she goes on the ride with her friend Janice - who can't stop laughing the whole time! It's pretty funny when she slips and you're only able to see her head peeking out the top of the harness!


"Blow on the Pie"

Yep, this pretty much sums up New Zealand police! This clip went viral after one deadpan officer stops a suspicious looking guy on the street and tells him that he must always blow on the pie (after the guy says he's going to the BP station to get a pie at 3am). Safer communities together!


Ann's Accident on Skates

Oh no, poor Ann! As much as it's pretty cringe watching Ann trying to stay up on her roller skates, you have to admit it is pretty funny as she slips and slides as she's walking! To be fair though, she gave it a good go and kept trying while they filmed the ad, even when she felt self-conscious about her height and awkwardness.


Curling Iron Fail

In this funny clip, a young girl is doing a tutorial or how-to for curling hair, but her demonstration takes a turn for the worse when a chunk of her hair falls out when she curls it! It falls off almost immediately and the girl is so shocked as she can't believe what has happened. Weirdly enough, she doesn't stop filming after this happens as you probably would if it happened to you!


Forgetting to Flush the Toilet

This hilarious clip shows two young girls making a YouTube video but their mum comes bursting in, demanding to know who didn't flush the toilet! Her anger and annoyance makes the whole thing so much funnier, as well as the girls' guilty expression at the end! I think the younger girl might be the culprit...


Wisdom Tooth Anaesthetic High

A girl who's just had her wisdom tooth out and is still on the high of the anaesthetic has a lot to say to her friend who's filming the whole thing! To make things funnier, she starts singing and dancing while lying in the bed! Do you think she'll remember any of what she said once she recovers?


"Charlie Bit My Finger"

It's had 840 million views on YouTube so it's fair to say that everyone has probably seen this by now! Even so, it never fails to make me laugh and I'm sure it's the same for you! Charlie just keeps on biting, despite his big brother's protests.

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