7 Hilarious Tom Haverford Quotes That'll Keep You Laughing ...

If you're a fan of NBC's hit show, Parks and Recreation, then you already know a bunch of Tom Haverford quotes and how insanely funny he is. It's so hard to choose a favorite character from that show, but I do have to say that Tom is high up on my list. He just says the funniest things without even trying to be funny! Check out some my favorite Tom Haverford quotes. Also, please know that I'm 100% aware that these are not all of Tom's funniest moments! He has so many that I'm sure I can pick seven quotes straight out of one episode!

1. Bedtime Routine

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I love this because it's just so relatable. He says, "My usual bedtime routine: Facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, Facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram till I slowly drift off." Anyone else guilty of this? You should all have your hands up right now! Tom Haverford is definitely technology-obsessed and it's so funny to watch! This is just one of my favorite Tom Haverford quotes!

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