7 Hilariously Horrible Things Women Deal with at the Gym ...


There are some pretty horrible things women deal with at the gym. You want to get fit, and be the healthy girl you were meant to be, but it's such hard work. There are judgmental people all around you, and your closest gym is miles away, so it's such a fuss to get there. Of course, those aren't the only horrible things women deal with at the gym. Here are a few more hilariously awful issues that we suffer through in order to keep our bodies healthy:

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Messy Makeup

There’s no reason to apply makeup before going to the gym, but if you’re already wearing it, it’s going to make you feel messy. Unless you go to the gym with no intention to exercise, you’re going to sweat and ruin your perfectly winged eyeliner. One of the most annoying things women deal with at the gym is getting our makeup smudged. By the end of your workout routine, your face will be completely bare.


Out of Our League Guys

Seeing attractive men at the gym is bitter sweet. Sure, it’s eye candy, but you’d rather run into them when you’re looking your best. When you’re covered in sweat, and wearing your workout clothes, you’re not going to be able to flirt properly. You’ll feel too self-conscious to get his phone number, but you should go for it, anyway!


Staring and Waiting

It’s a confidence booster when you catch someone staring at you, because you’re pretty. It’s not so exciting when someone is staring at you, waiting for you to get off of the treadmill. Everyone wants their turn, but they don’t have to watch your every move until you step off of the machine. Didn’t their parents teach them that staring was rude?


Attached to the Cell Phone

There’s obviously going to be noise at the gym. However, you don’t want to end up next to someone that’s rambling away on their cell phone. Why are they taking a business call while on the elliptical, anyway? Multitasking is great, but there’s a time and a place for it.


Perfume Problems

We know we're going to sweat, so we pile on perfume in order to get rid of the gross smell. Of course, the perfume only makes it worse, and bothers the people around you. Even though you love your newly purchased floral scent, you have to resist wearing it for the time being.


Forced Socialization

You’re trying to exercise peacefully, while listening to your music, but someone approaches you to try to talk. Maybe they’re flirting with you. Maybe they’re talking about the weather. It doesn’t really matter what they’re babbling on about, because you’re not in the mood to talk. You came to the gym to get fit, not to find friends.



You headed to the gym to get fit, but it’s located in a strip mall next to a pizza place and a dozen fast food establishments. Once you’re done with your healthy workout, you end up eating more calories than you’ve burned off. You worked hard, though, so you deserve it.

Even though going to the gym can feel like torture, it's something everyone should do. Your health is worth suffering through these annoying problems. What else do you hate about going to the gym?

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