7. Threatening a Bad Review

Threatening a Bad Review

I bet you checked out the reviews for the hotel you’re staying in before you booked, right? They are important. Reviews can make or break a hotel. Don’t get tempted to threaten a poor TripAdvisor review to get what you want, though. So many people try to wrangle a better deal with threats of a poor review.

That’s not likely to get the hotel staff wanting to help you out…I mean, how would you respond to someone who tried to blackmail you at work? If you’ve had poor service, report them to the Better Business Bureau, and leave honest reviews.

Of course, some things go without saying, like not moaning at the hotel staff about things that they can’t control – public transport strikes, slow taxis, busy tourist attractions… Some are controversial, like whether you should tip the hotel staff, especially if you’re European. The ones above are definite DO NOTs, though. Live with them, and you’ll find your hotel stays are much more pleasant!

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