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How You Sit on the Couch According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

Want to know how you sit on the couch according to your zodiac sign? I think we call all agree that settling yourself down into a nice couch sitting session is one of life’s greatest pleasures! Whether you have free time, or you are making yourself late for something for the sake of a few moments of comfort, nothing beats the feeling of sinking down onto your trusty sofa!

We all love to become couch potatoes now and then, but have you ever taken a second to think about how you actually place and position yourself on the cushions? You would think that for such a regularly shaped piece of furniture, there wouldn’t be that many options to experiment with, but the sheer amount of different ways that people get comfortable on their couch would really shock you!

To add another layer on to this equation, have you also ever considered that the specific way you choose to unwind on the couch of an evening might actually be determined by forces and connections out of your immediate control? That’s right, I’m talking about astrology! Our star signs can hold information and clues about lots of different areas in our lives, so why should the way you like to sit on a sofa be left out of the astrological fun? Let’s have a little bit of fun, shall we? Check out this great video that tells you how you sit on the couch according to your zodiac sign. I wonder how many of you recognize your star sign’s favorite couch position as your own?

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