How Your Zodiac Sign Would Handle a Zombie Apocalypse ...


How Your Zodiac Sign Would Handle a Zombie Apocalypse ...
How Your Zodiac Sign Would Handle a Zombie Apocalypse ...

Ever wondered how your zodiac sign would handle a zombie apocalypse? Thanks to the likes of The Walking Dead to 28 Days Later to classics like Night Of The Living Dead, the world has a pretty good idea of what a zombie apocalypse is going to look like should the time ever come! We all love watching the trials and tribulations of these types of shows and movies unfold, and one area of debate always come to the forefront, how exactly do you think you would cope with the insane prospect of a dystopian future filled with murderous zombies? I know it’s something that keeps me awake at night 😊

Some people like to think they would be the hero of the piece, some people would be much more tactical and play the game for themselves, and some people would just fall down in a heap and cry and cry until the zombies finally caught up with them! Personally, I would follow Simon Pegg and head for the pub.

Here’s the thing, you might like to think that you have an idea of how you would react in a zombie apocalypse situation, but until you have to confront something for real, your true reactions will remain a mystery! That is, unless, you want to have a little insight into your personality via the power of astrology! The month in which you were born has more impact on your life than you might think. Who says you can’t have a little fun with astrology now and then? Here is how your zodiac sign would handle a zombie apocalypse.

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True!! It sucks :(

My sign wasn’t in there

Why are we doing videos now? We can’t fast forward pause or anything

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