7 Humorous Novels and Short Stories for Your Amusement ...

If you don’t believe reading is fun, there are humorous novels and short stories to prove you wrong. The next time that you feel bored, read through one of the short stories or pick up a copy of a novel at a local bookstore. Either way, you’re sure to be entertained with these humorous novels and short stories:

1. We Can Get Them for You Wholesale by Neil Gaiman

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Out of all of the humorous novels and short stories out there, this is one of the greatest, because Neil Gaiman is one of the most amazing writers of our time. This story is about a man who finds out that his partner is cheating on him, and hires someone to kill her. However, the assassin offers a better deal for multiple killings, and the main character doesn’t like to pass up a bargain.

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