23 Hysterically Funny Office Notes ...

Sometimes funny office notes are necessary to our survival. Anyone who has ever worked in customer service can relate to the need to blow off steam. I've done this sort of work extensively, both β€œon location” or in an office setting. The longest office job was at a call center for employee benefits for various companies. While we couldn't blow off steam by drooling over hot customers or making out with coworkers in the produce locker (no, I didn't do this-much), we found ways to make ourselves laugh. It was that sense of fun and desperation that inspired a lot of funny office notes, much like the ones you see online. These didn't come from my jobs, but here are some examples of funny office notes I've collected. Even if they weren't meant to be funny, the context and reactions from other people made them so.

1. Get My Name Right, Dammit!

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I'm sorry, but this is one of the best funny office notes I've seen today. As someone who constantly gets her name spelled wrong (either that, or thought to be a man), I can relate.

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