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You’ve probably already heard of chaotic and over the top Improv Everywhere missions as they’re truly all over the Internet! However if you haven’t, from the words of the collective itself, “Improv Everywhere is a New York City-based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” Not only do they capture these situations on camera but they welcome other to join their mission with open arms. So if you are up to the task and want to be a part of the Improv Everywhere missions, here is what you should expect.

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Human Mirror

Ever felt like you were seeing double? Well, there is a chance that there was nothing wrong with you and Improv Everywhere was just carrying out its Human Mirror prank. I mean they’ve done it in the past and it’s one of their most popular Improv Everywhere missions! They got together 15 pairs of twins dressed exactly the same and had them ride in the same subway car, mirroring each other’s movements.


Black Tie Beach

Who says you can’t go to the beach in your formal attire? It’s a free country! And why let the judgments and opinions of others hold you back from having fun? I feel like that’s exactly what Improv Everywhere thought when they first started this event!


Frozen Grand Central

This cool undercover mission was only possible with the help of 207 special agents who had the mission of freezing in pace in Grand Central Station at the exact same moment for five minutes. At the end of the mission, they had to unfreeze and walk away like nothing happened! Now this is definitely something that can make a scene!


Mp3 Experiment

This is the 9th mission of the Mp3 Experiment with over 4,000 participants occurring in New York on Governor’s Island. In order for the experiment to work participants had to download an MP3 file and press play simultaneously. Once the audio started rolling they had to follow the ridiculous Olympic-themed instructions which all led to a massive water fun fight!


Best Buy Uniform Prank

This time Improv Everywhere caused a lot of confusion by getting together 80 people dressed in the exact same outfits as the Best Buy employees to loiter around Best Buy. Some of the staff took things quite seriously and called the cops, but since when was it illegal to show up in a store in a blue shirt and khaki pants?

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Reverse Time Square

The Improve Everywhere team gathered 2,000 participants to freak out some tourists on Times Square and make it seem like the world is going in reverse! I truly don’t know how they managed to pull it off because it seems like it would be chaotic on the busy streets of Times Square, but hey they pulled it through and left quite an impression!


The Mute Button

Yeah, we all wanted to have a magical mute button at some point in ourselves but this mission somewhat makes it real. In this Improv Everywhere event, a group of people spread out on Prospect Park with the instructions to make a lot of noise when the sunglasses of the instructor were on and go completely mute when they were not!

If you really want to help out on one of this missions, Improve Everywhere actually travels around so you can check if there is an event coming near you on their website. If it were up to you to choose which mission would you want to complete?

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