7 Jobs You Should Consider after Graduation ...

By Holly

7 Jobs You Should Consider after Graduation ...

It’s scary to think about leaving school and entering the real world, but there are jobs you should consider once you graduate. Everyone warns us about how difficult it is to find a job and how high the unemployment rate is, but there's really no need to worry about how you'll make money. Here are some jobs you should consider that'll make you a fortune:

Table of contents:

  1. police officer
  2. chef
  3. party planner
  4. zoo keeper
  5. bartender
  6. critic
  7. actress

1 Police Officer

Think about all of the perks to being a police officer. You can find reasons to arrest all of the people that made fun of you in high school. You can put on the flashing lights to avoid traffic whenever you’d like. You could even bring some handcuffs home to use with your boyfriend. There’s absolutely no downside. So if you’re in need of some cash, this is one of the jobs you should consider. What could go wrong?

2 Chef

You’re a woman, so you won’t even need to hand in a resume. They’ll just automatically assume that you’re excellent at cooking. Once you get the job, throw random stuff onto the oven, and eat everything that turns out all right. The burnt stuff can get tossed to the customers. If they wanted good food, they should’ve read the restaurant reviews online and went somewhere else. So basically it’s their own fault that they’re getting ripped off.

3 Party Planner

Leaving school doesn’t mean that you have to leave your party lifestyle behind. You can become a party planner and set up the biggest raves in town. Even if the hostess doesn’t expect you to show up, you have to attend to make sure everything is going well. If it isn’t, you can start singing, dancing, and help the party get started. You’re basically getting paid to have fun.

4 Zoo Keeper

How much do you love petting puppies? Now times that number by ten. That’s how much fun it would be to pet... wait for it... a lion. You’d get paid to play with your new furry friends all day. You wouldn’t have to associate with humans any longer, and deal with all of their ridiculous emotions and ridicule. Instead, you’ll be stuck in a pen with your animal brethren.

5 Bartender

Flirt with customers and pretend to care about them, and you’ll get rewarded with tons of tips. Even if you’re against the consumption of alcohol, why not apply? You could lecture the customers on the dangers of drinking. You might not get any tips, but they’ll thank you in the long run.

6 Critic

Critics get to review movies and books for a living. Think about it: instead of paying to see a film, you’ll get paid to watch it. You’re constantly criticizing things anyway, so you might as well get paid for it instead of getting yelled at for it.

7 Actress

I mean, how hard could it be? Once you hit it big, you’ll get to make out with Aaron Paul for a living, go to the Oscars, and do your own stunts. There’s really no better job. Everyone should try their hand at acting.

As difficult as finding a good job is, you'll be able to do it with a little effort. What job do you have or do you aim to have once you're older?

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