Have a Laugh when You Feel Too Lazy to Exercise ...

If you're too tired to step off the couch and onto a treadmill, there are jokes about exercising that you'll enjoy. Even though you know it's important to work out, it's incredibly hard to bring yourself to do it. It'll make you sweat, and pant, and just hate your life--who wants that? Well, if you're not the most enthusiastic athlete around, here are some jokes about exercising to make you laugh:

1. I Really Don't Think I Need Buns of Steel. I'd Be Happy with Buns of Cinnamon

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Come on, which would you rather have? A perfect body, or some delicious snacks? This is one of the jokes about exercising that was told by everyone's favorite comedian, Ellen Degeneres. Even though she's a famous star, she knows how we feel. She's one of us.

2. I Named My Dog "5 Miles" so I Can Say I Walked 5 Miles Every Day

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It's too much work to walk for miles every morning. It's much easier to strap a leash on your pup, and take a quick lap around the block. I mean, taking a short walk is better than taking no walk at all. You still managed to move, so you deserve to reward yourself with a snack.

3. Your Brain Needs Exercise, Too. so, Spend Lots of Time Thinking up Excuses for Not Working out

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There's always an excuse if you think hard enough. Maybe you're not feeling well, or maybe you already took a shower and don't want to wash up again after your workout. No matter what excuse you came up with, thinking of it required some work from your brain, so good job!

4. I'm Not into Working out. My Philosophy: No Pain, No Pain

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Forget the saying about no pain, no gain. Wouldn't you rather feel no pain at all? It's nice to relax on your couch without feeling the soreness that accompanies a workout.

5. I Forgot to Post on Facebook That I Was Going to the Gym. Now This Whole Workout Was a Waste of Time

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Some people enjoy working out, because they get to brag about how healthy they are. They want everyone to know that they take good care of their body, so that everyone will think highly of them. All they want is attention.

6. If You Want to Impress Your Crush by Using a Machine, Skip the Gym and Head to the ATM

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It's way more impressive to see cash fall out of a machine than to see your body move up and down while doing pull-ups on a bar. Most people value money over fitness, so don't forget about the importance of a nice, big paycheck. It's just as impressive as a gorgeous set of abs.

7. I Prefer Sit-ups to Jumping Jacks. at Least I Get to Lie down after Each One

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If you're not used to exercising, it might be difficult to work out without resting. At least you can let yourself relax a bit when you're doing sit-ups. Just don't fall asleep in the middle of a set. After you go down, you always have to get back up.

As much as you might hate exercising, you have to do it. Your body deserves to be treated like it's valuable, because it is. When was the last time you worked out?

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