7 Lies We All Choose to Believe to Stay Happy ...


There are lies we all choose to believe in order to make it through our lives. The truth can be hard to handle, so why not fib a little? After all, you’re only hurting yourself. Here are some of the most common lies we all choose to believe to be happy:

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Only One More Episode

You’ve been watching Orange is the New Black for three hours, but you can’t force yourself to stop. You have a long list of chores that you’ve been ignoring, but your priorities are so messed up that you’d rather figure out what happens between Piper and Alex than feed your pets. Every time you start a new episode, you tell yourself that it’ll be the last one. It’s one of the lies we all choose to believe in order to feel better about our decisions. Of course, once the credits roll, you’ll be ready to click on the next episode.


I Won’t Be Tired in the Morning

It’s midnight and your friends call you to talk. You know you should’ve been in bed hours ago, but you decide that you’ll be able to run on three hours of sleep the next day. It’ll be easy, right? Of course, the next day you end up hating yourself, and swear that you’ll go to bed early from that day on. It never happens, and the cycle continues.


She’s Not Even Pretty

When your ex starts dating a new girl, you don’t want to wallow in your sorrow. In order to keep your cool, you list out all of the things you hate about her. Others think that she could be a professional model, but you keep claiming that she’s nothing special. It helps you make it through the night, so no one should judge you for it.


I’ll Start Tomorrow

When you decide to endulge in a huge slice of cheesecake, you rationalize it by claiming that you’ll start working out the next day. It doesn’t matter if you have some snacks today if you’re going to be burning them all off tomorrow, right? Today, you’ll eat as much as you want and be as lazy as you want, because you’ll make up for it tomorrow. Of course, you’ll say that day after day after day, with no results ever occurring.


I Don’t Care

After you fail a test, you’ll claim that the grade didn’t matter. When someone else gets the promotion you’ve been striving for, you pretend that doesn’t matter either. You tell yourself that you don’t care so many times that you trick yourself into believing it’s the truth. Hey, it helps you cope.


He’s Perfect

When you start dating someone, you think everything about them is perfect. They have flaws just like everyone else does, but somehow you look past them all. In your eyes, there’s nothing wrong with him. Since he’s yours and you want yourself to be happy, you tell yourself that you’ll never find anyone better. Now, that could be true, but you’re kidding yourself when you say that he’s absolutely flawless.


This Will Be My Year

Will it really? No matter how many awesome things happen during the following twelve months, there will be bad things too. You can't go an entire year without pain. It's just not possible, but keep on telling yourself that it is.

Some lies are harmless, so there's no reason to stop tricking yourself a bit. Have you told yourself any of these lies lately?

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Oh, number 3!!


Can't forget "just one more minute" followed by hitting the alarm snooze button several times more.

Yup! I must agree to that. :)

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