Life Hacks All Lazy Girls Need to Stay Lazy Girl Status ...

By Neecey

Life Hacks  All Lazy Girls  Need to Stay Lazy Girl  Status ...

There’s a creative art to laziness. Laziness is definitely something to be cultivated in the most imaginative but easiest ways. The range of life hacks for lazy people should definitely be on your need to know list.

1 Let the Car Take the Strain

2 Eat Food from “bowls” Made from Tortillas – Ergo – No Washing the Dishes

3 Fan Your Noodles to Cool Them down Enough to Eat

4 No More Carving Pumpkins for a Jack-o-lantern at Halloween

5 Play Tetris with Your Trash

6 When It’s Too Far to Pull the Trash Bin to the Curb

7 Solve the Dilemma of Onion Tears

8 When Your Head is Too Heavy to Watch TV Sitting up

9 It’s Amazing What is Dishwasher Safe

10 Get the Dog to do It

11 Take the Effort out of Using Chopsticks

12 Use the Vacuum Cleaner to Retrieve Things

13 Fill the Car with Gas without Leaving the Car

14 How to Eat Pizza and Use Your IPad at the Same Time

15 Babysitting Hack

16 Where to Keep Your Popcorn (or Chips) when You’re Working

17 Traveling Nap Hack

18 Let Your Shoes Take Your Place in Line

19 Too Tired to Pick up Your Drink?

20 Well – It’s the Thought That Counts – Surely?

21 Why Bother Refilling Your Glass?

22 Fetch a Tissue? No Way. Get a Remote Control Tissue Box

23 The Only Way to Cut the Lawn

24 Don’t Darn Your Socks. Paint Your Toenails a Matching Color Instead

25 The Laziest Way to Create a Ponytail – Ever

You’ve got to be pretty lazy for these! I’ll admit to number 19 but don’t tell anyone. I’m dying to hear your laziest tricks – please share.

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