We Found Waldo ...

By Jennifer

 We Found Waldo  ...

If you've spent even one moment of your childhood - or let's be honest, adulthood - wondering "where's Waldo?" then you've had an awesome childhood (or adulthood). We've caught up to Waldo recently, and here he is, in a few settings where he's surprisingly easy to spot.

1 Yoga in the Park

2 ... and Maybe Ballet in the Park?

3 At the Beach

4 With His Lady Friend?

5 Feeding the Birds

6 On the Fence

7 At Home

8 All Alone

9 Saying "good-bye"

10 Staring at the Door

11 He Loves Stairs

12 He REALLY Loves Stairs

13 007?

14 Tourists!

15 Studying up

16 Ready for the Runway

17 Taking in a Show

18 Too Tired to Move Another Inch

19 On the Sea

20 Double-take!

21 Sight-seeing

22 On Holiday

23 Big Ben

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