We Found Waldo ...

By Jennifer

 We Found Waldo ...

If you've spent even one moment of your childhood - or let's be honest, adulthood - wondering "where's Waldo?" then you've had an awesome childhood (or adulthood). We've caught up to Waldo recently, and here he is, in a few settings where he's surprisingly easy to spot.

1 Yoga in the Park

Yoga in the Park

2 ... and Maybe Ballet in the Park?

... and Maybe Ballet in the Park?

3 At the Beach

At the Beach

4 With His Lady Friend?

With His Lady Friend?

5 Feeding the Birds

Feeding the Birds

6 On the Fence

On the Fence

7 At Home

At Home

8 All Alone

All Alone

9 Saying "good-bye"

Saying "good-bye"

10 Staring at the Door

Staring at the Door

11 He Loves Stairs

He Loves Stairs

12 He REALLY Loves Stairs

He REALLY Loves Stairs

13 007?


14 Tourists!


15 Studying up

Studying up

16 Ready for the Runway

Ready for the Runway

17 Taking in a Show

Taking in a Show

18 Too Tired to Move Another Inch

Too Tired to Move Another Inch

19 On the Sea

On the Sea

20 Double-take!


21 Sight-seeing


22 On Holiday

On Holiday

23 Big Ben

Big Ben

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Geez Waldo is living the life! Haha I wish I were in his shoes lol

This was fun.

Cute article! Haha!

Who took the pictures?

I found Waldo my cousin dressed up as on halloween🎃

Such a cute article!


That's a cool way to find Waldo :)

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