7 Love Fashion and Friendship Lessons from Orange is the New Black ...

By Holly

7 Love Fashion and Friendship Lessons from Orange is the New Black ...

There are dozens of lessons from Orange is the New Black that can help you in everyday life--even if you're not a prisoner. The show mixes humor with serious events, which keep viewers interested. However, due to the exciting entertainment, you might not realize how much you're learning. Here are some of the biggest lessons from Orange is the New Black that can help you out in your real life:

Table of contents:

  1. chase after dreams... and chickens
  2. you can look good in uniform
  3. you can survive without twitter
  4. things can always get worse
  5. blood ain't always thicker than water
  6. crazy eyes aren't the windows to the soul
  7. guards have feelings too

1 Chase after Dreams... and Chickens

Whether you're in a high class neighborhood or stuck in a jail cell, you should still chase after your dreams. Whatever you want in life, you can have. If you want to get your dream job, go for it. If you want to catch a chicken, you could do that, too. One of the lessons from Orange is the New Black is that you should try to get what you want, even if the chances of you actually getting it are low.

2 You Can Look Good in Uniform

If you're stuck in a uniform for school or work, then don't worry. The girls on Orange look hot, even though they're always stuck in the same boring outfit. I mean, look at how many relationships occur on the show, even though they're dressed the same. Great fashion taste is important, but you can get kisses without it.

3 You Can Survive without Twitter

It seems impossible to go a few hours without checking your cell phone or logging onto your social media accounts, but you can do it. You don't need to spend your entire day surfing the web when there's a whole world out there for you to explore. If you feel like socializing, go somewhere with friends so that you can talk in person.

4 Things Can Always Get Worse

Piper thought that being thrown in jail was the worst that could happen to her, but then Alex was there. She thought the bland food was the worst she could eat, but then she was served a tampon. Remember that whatever happens in life, things could always be worse. Try to appreciate what you have now.

5 Blood Ain't Always Thicker than Water

You can't always trust the people that you're related to, but you can trust your friends. Most of the time. Well, according to the show, you can't trust anyone, but some are more reliable than others. So watch out.

6 Crazy Eyes Aren't the Windows to the Soul

People claim that eyes are the windows to the soul, but they counteract it by saying that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Crazy Eyes may have some, well, crazy eyes, but she's a loving woman with a good heart.

7 Guards Have Feelings Too

The show focuses more on the prisoners than the guards, but that doesn't mean that they don't have feelings. In real life, you should remember that people in charge, like your teachers and boss, have emotions too. They're not just there to make your life miserable.

Orange is the New Black keeps gaining popularity, because it has amazing writing and phenomenal acting. If you've never watched the show, head to Netflix to check it out. You'll become obsessed with it, just like everybody else. If you're already a fan, who's your favorite character?

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