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Four years doesn't seem like a very long time, but there are major differences between freshmen and seniors. When you first attend school, you can't wait to meet new people, and go on exciting adventures. However, the closer you get to receiving your degree, the less you'll start to care about certain things and switch your focus to new things. If you look at your classmates, you'll definitely notice these differences between freshmen and seniors:

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How You Dress

On your first day of classes, you want to make a great first impression, so you spend hours applying make-up and finding the right dress for your body type. But as the years pass, beauty doesn't seem as important as comfort. You'll roll right out of bed, pull on your sweatpants, and forget to run a brush through your hair. The amount of time spent getting ready in the morning is one of the biggest differences between freshmen and seniors.


The Supplies You Bring

When you're a freshman, you make sure that you have everything that you could possibly need tucked away in your bag. You have several notebooks, a pack of pens, and even a stapler. When you're a senior, you'll have no problem leaving the house with a pair of headphones and an unsharpened pencil.


The Amount You Study

When you're a freshman, you want to keep your grades up. You check your syllabus to see when your first test is, make flashcards, and make sure that you get an A. When you're a senior, you run the risk of showing up to class one day without even realizing that a test was going to be given.


How Well You Listen in Class

When you're a freshman, you'll listen to every word your professor says. You might take your eyes off of her to check out the hotties in your class, but then you'll go right back to listening. When you're a senior, you won't bother to show up to class. If you do, you'll alternate between checking your texts and the time.


When You Wake up

When you're a freshman, you wake up bright and early in order to get ready, get breakfast, and get to class. When you're a senior, you'd rather be well rested than be responsible. You won't mind showing up to class late with a half-eaten sandwich.


How Social You Are

As a freshman, you want to search for new friends that enjoy the same things as you. You can't wait to go to parties with them and have the time of your life. As a senior, you'll still show up at some parties, but there will be nights when you just want to be left alone. You don't need human friends. You'd rather hang out with your buddy Netflix.


Your Amount of Knowledge

When you start school, you don't know what you're doing. You just wing it, and hope for the best. By your senior year, you know where to buy the cheapest books for your courses, how to write perfect essays, and which bathrooms are kept the cleanest.

Even if you're eager to get out of school, try to enjoy it. You don't have to love your classes or your teachers, but be happy about the friends you've made and the education you're receiving. Are you a freshman, junior, sophomore, senior, or long gone?

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This is completely backwards

I don't agree much on this post but yes there are times as a senior when you are just ready to get out and but still focus on passing to graduate.

Personally, this would be backwards for me. I did not focus on grades at all freshman year. Senior year is probably my most successful year because i'd study my ass off. I am far more social senior year than i was freshman year.

I'm a freshman but this list makes me look like a senior

This is a horrible! You mighty as well say that seniors r hoes

Sophomore :)

Im a freshman but I act waaaayyyy more like a senior😁

Charming Panda, the seniors are spending far less time on looks, something hoes spend most of their time on. Please research before speaking

This is really not true at all... I'm a freshman in college but I couldn't tell whether or not this was directed at high school or college students, which is kind of sad.

I've been a college senior since sixth grade, then

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