Man Hilariously Recreates Sia's 'chandelier' Video after Losing Football Bet ...


There's a lesson to be learned here and it's right in Chuck Jose's YouTube video's title: "Never Lose A Fantasy Football Bet!" After his fantasy football league team lost, Jose was forced to create a shot-for-shot homemade version of Sia's famous "Chandelier" music video.

The original version features Maddie Ziegler, a dancing diva in a platinum blonde wig and nude leotard. If you're wondering, yes, Jose wore the same thing. Check it out:

The video has already gone viral, bringing in nearly 3 million views! Jose's even taking requests as to which music video he should recreate next. What would you suggest?

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That was seriously awesome!

haha he did well! its was awesome! :)

Video do not play on iPhone :(

I pressed play and took me to YouTube . Watched video . It's amazing he got it to the T

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