Need Some Cute Instagram Captions? Use These Funny Quotes ...


Need Some Cute Instagram Captions? Use These Funny Quotes ...
Need Some Cute Instagram Captions? Use These Funny Quotes ...

It's hard to come up with the perfect caption for an Instagram photo. Of course, you need to think of something clever if you want to get as many likes as you can. The caption can be just as important as the picture, so you need to channel your inner author. If you're struggling to be creative, here are some cute Instagram captions to use the next time you post a fabulous picture:

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Freaky Families

Chocolaterias,font,art,writing,calligraphy, Did you just take an awesome snapshot of your grandparents? Or maybe you took a fabulous photograph of your family pet? If that's the case, this is the quote that you should caption it with. It's true, after all. No family is perfect, because there are always a few nuts in them. In fact, every single member of your family is probably nutty in their own way.


Low on Expletives

It Works Distributor,text,cartoon,font,brand, If you're in a bad mood, you don't need to call someone out on social media. Instead, you can just hint at your annoyance by using a quote like this. It'll let everyone know that you're not in a great mood, but it'll also show them that you're able to joke about your situation. It'll make you look more mature than if you spilled your heart out for the world to see.


Lazy Lady

font,product,brand,line,logo, If you post a picture of yourself or your kitty lounging on the couch, this quote will work perfectly. Enjoying a day indoors with your buddy Netflix isn't unhealthy. You're normally out and about, so today is an exception--you're just on energy saving mode.


The Real Reason

Compete Every Day,Aberdeen College,text,font,product, If you're sick and tired of hearing the same advice, like that everything happens for a reason, you should use this caption. It works best when it's paired with a picture of your spilled frappuccino or the car you accidentally scratched up. Showing the world your mistakes means that you're honest and open.


Oxygen over Love

text,font,brand,shape,icon, This is a great way to make fun of all of the couples who won't stop posting kissing pictures. You could either use this caption when you post a snapshot of you and your boyfriend to be ironic, or you can post it instead of saying "forever alone" to be unique. It all depends on your relationship status.


Shopping Beats Sex

Teju Name,line art,font,line,brand, This is a perfect caption to go along with a photo of the new dress or shoes you bought. That way, you'll be able to show off your amazing fashion sense while showing that you have a funny side to you. If you're crushing on any of your Instagram followers, then this is the perfect way to capture his interest. There's nothing better than a hot girl with a sense of humor.


The Beauty of Bathrooms

Fat Runner,text,font,product,line, You should, of course, replace the word 'Facebook' with 'Instagram.' This caption works best when you're posting your own picture from inside of a bathroom. It shows that you're not afraid to be cliche. In fact, you're able to make fun of yourself for doing something so common.

Instagram's focus may be on pictures, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't think long and hard about your captions. A funny one could turn a boring picture into a blast. What captions have you used on past Instagram posts?

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