Never Say These 7 Things to a Girl with Piercings ...


Never Say These 7 Things to a Girl with Piercings ...
Never Say These 7 Things to a Girl with Piercings ...

You love your piercings. Unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn't feel the same. That's why Seventeen has created a list of things that women with piercings are tired of hearing.

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I Would Never Date a Girl with Piercings

I Would Never Date a Girl with Piercings You wouldn't date him, anyway.


Did That Hurt?

Did That Hurt? This question is asked time and time again. You're sick of answering it by now.


Can You Eat with That in?

Can You Eat with That in? Obviously you're not giving up the ability to eat, just to look fashionable.


Why Did You do That to Yourself?

Why Did You do That to Yourself? It's because you think it looks hot. And it does.


You'll Never Get a Job

You'll Never Get a Job Believe it or not, it's actually possible to have a job with piercings and tattoos.


What else do You Have Pierced [creepy Grin]?
Your body is none of their business.


You'd Be so Pretty without All That Metal

You'd Be so Pretty without All That Metal You look pretty with it, too, so...

What do you hate hearing about your piercings?

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Yessss themeanflower because when did holes in your face look good...or help you get a job

Like don't have a whole bunch but like my ears are like concerned everyone likes them and I am getting both sides of my nose done and I use to have my septum getting belly button and industrials so like piss if if you judge me because my choices then I won't waste my time with you lol I actually live this post thanks :) 💗🙈

Eww why ? You are so pretty without all of it ? What the point? Like maybe because I like it and I feel pretty with them and I just like piercing and tattoos like a lot aha and I ain't a tattoo or piercing freak so back off its my body lol

Well for those who have pierced their tongue I have heard that it can cause infections in the mouth. I also believe that piercing might hurt like permanent tattoos would. Another fact, often later in life you decide you might not want it anymore so then it's harder to get rid of the holes later on. Just points to consider it's still your body so do what's right for you just keep in mind the long term effects.

@ meanflower I agree piercing other places look ugly, especially when someone is blonde with a tongue piercing.

People say all kinds of rude sh*t. It doesn't just apply to piercings. There's some basic social etiquette that everybody should learn, unfortunately we live in a world where short sighted and small minded exist. Do your thing. These questions are so stupid to ask anyone, unless you're genuinely curious and it's somebody who's really close to you.

ANY piercing can cause an infection. No one asked any of you for your opinions on tattoos and piercings. It's not your body why worry about it

I'm thinking about getting a nose piercing and two other ones in my ears so

If you have nothing nice to say about another person's outer appearance, don't say anything at all. This is what the main point of the article was.

#3 No I gave up on eating so I could look good sarcastic eye roll inserted

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