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No Partner No Problem 25 Funny Quotes about Being Single ...

By Lisa

As with most things in life, there are pros and cons and the same can be said for the single life. Some people love being single and couldn't imagine their life any other way, whereas others feel cursed. No matter which side you're on, I think you'll appreciate some of these funny and relatable quotes about being single!

Table of contents:

  1. Sleeping around
  2. Brunch so hard
  3. Rom com
  4. Always there
  5. Ltr
  6. Can you relate?
  7. Too sexy
  8. Granny panty status
  9. Love my dog
  10. Found the one
  11. Just got paid
  12. Single moms
  13. Can you relate?
  14. The many benefits of being single
  15. No, human
  16. Single
  17. You don't need to flirt
  18. Freaking amazing
  19. That would be great
  20. Have you ever done this?
  21. Tell me about it
  22. I love it when...
  23. A positive spin on valentine's day
  24. Relationships are like...
  25. Being single sucks!

1 Sleeping around

Source: fun thing about being single
Feel free to sleep all over that bed of yours.

2 Brunch so Hard

Source: 11 Reasons To Celebrate Being
Brunch never lets you down.

3 Rom Com

Source: 24 Funny Quotes About Being
Nothing wrong with appreciating your own humor!

4 Always There

Source: How To Overcome Loneliness and
You're so dependable.


Source: Quote on sarcasm ecard: I'm
Freedom, fun, and anything else you want.

6 Can You Relate?

Source: 11 Reasons To Celebrate Being
Hey, you're a good observer.

7 Too Sexy

Source: Funny Single Quote
No one can keep up!

8 Granny Panty Status

Source: music & lyrics & words
It's the little things...

9 Love My Dog

Your dog understands.

10 Found the One

Source: Single for a while…
It's working out.

11 Just Got Paid

Source: 11 Reasons To Celebrate Being
Your money is yours.

12 Single Moms

Source: What the Statistics Won't Tell
Be proud!

13 Can You Relate?

I've definitely been there!

14 The Many Benefits of Being Single

Source: 20 Things To Love About
Wearing ugly, mismatched PJs can be comforting.

15 No, Human

Source: 24 Funny Quotes About Being
Ever feel like this?

16 Single

Source: The Top Ten Books All
No settling for you.

17 You Don't Need to Flirt

Source: Singles Website - Singles Events
You know the fine art of seduction.

18 Freaking Amazing

Via Funny Quotes About Being Single

Who's up for the challenge?

19 That Would Be Great

Source: 25 Totally Underrated Things About
We don't want to hear it!

20 Have You Ever Done This?

Source: Mathilda's dump.: 9gag pic.1. Hilarious
You are just too funny!

21 Tell Me about It

Source: 40 Long Distance Love Quotes
Again, don't settle!

22 I Love It when...

Source: 24 Funny Quotes About Being
So what if food makes you happy?!

23 A Positive Spin on Valentine's Day

Source: Hey, Single Ladies! 7 Ways
Half-off chocolate can be just as exciting for some!

24 Relationships Are like...

Source: Quotes and Sayings - Search
Looks like it could be interesting.

25 Being Single Sucks!

Source: Single and loving it!
Not really.

I hope you enjoyed these quotes about being single. This wasn't meant to bash anyone in a relationship, but being single has its ups and downs, so why not have a laugh about it? Do you have a favorite quote about being single?

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