60 Observations on Life from the Far Side by Gary Larson ...

By Neecey

60 Observations on Life from the Far Side by Gary Larson ...

If you've never seen the very funny cartoons from The Far Side, now is the time to remedy that. The Far Side is the work of the very creative Gary Larson and he has been making me laugh for many years now. His observations are so on point and h helps us see life as it really is. He also puts into words those things we think but don't dare say out loud. Get your laughing gear on in readiness for The Far Side - humor with a side order of cold hard truth..

1 Under the Bed

Via The far side
I'm not going to distract you with any text in this post and will let The Far Side cartoons speak for themselves.

2 Viagra Falls

Via Far Side Gary Larson Viagra ...

3 Fatal Error

Via Fatal Error

4 Party Sheep

Via The Far Side | The ...

5 If You're Going to Be a Lemming, Be an Informed Lemming

6 Primitive Spelling Bee

Via The Far Side

7 Unfortunate Birthmark

Via Post your favourite "Far Side" ...

8 What Killed the Dinosaurs

Via What is the best Gary ...

9 First Impressions

Via Sorry for the long post, ...

10 Under Siege

Via Timeline Photos - Your Daily ...

11 Rain Dance

12 Canine Students

Via Melody's Musings Gary Larson - ...

13 "tension Enters the Kent Household."

Via Projects to Try

14 Crime Labs

Via Movies for the Weekend: Play ...

15 Dog Ignorance

Via What is the best Gary ...

16 The Far Side of Hell

Via why not?: The Far Side ...

17 Gifted

Via What is the best Gary ...

18 The Names We Give Dogs

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19 People Types

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20 Rudolph

Via awesomedudesprinting.com

21 The God of the Old Testament Has a Bad Reputation

Via God Behaving Badly 1

22 Alien Invasion

Via Gary Larson's Far Side Cartoons

23 And on the 6th Day ...

24 Limbo

Via Humor

25 Escape

Via The Far Side-Gary Larson

26 Lost and Found

Via Humor

27 Mix up

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28 Stepping in

Via PEUR EVOL: Sunday Funnies: THE ...

29 The Ultimate Dog Revenge

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30 Elephant Revenge

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31 The Power of Advertising

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32 Practical Joke

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33 Cows and Car

Via When the going gets tough ...

34 Why Evolution Took so Long

Via Funpic.hu – Largest collection of ...

35 Anthropologists

Via Larson

36 Sleep with the Humans

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37 Inventors

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38 Dinosaur Cereal

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39 Choice of Mate

Via Artistic Rhythms: From The Far ...

40 Going to the Movies

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41 Boneless Chicken Ranch


42 Anatidaephobia

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43 Animal Behavior

44 Good Neighbors

Via Artistic Rhythms

45 Bad Dog

Via OK, I can't help myself..... ...

46 Horror Story

47 Bad Timing

Via Gallery - Category: Gary Larson ...

48 Kangaroos

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49 Crocodile Murderers

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50 Coming Home

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51 The Dodo

Via The Far Side

52 Mosquitoes

Via The Far Side

53 Declaration of Independence


54 Humpty Dumpty

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55 The Earth

Via Happy 61st birthday to the ...

56 Ball Games

57 Ecology

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58 Smart Canines

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59 Dinosaur Collectors

Via giggles galore

60 Bob and Steve

Via Punya's Jokes - Cats and ...

Have youstopped laughing yet? You can enjoy moreof The Far Side by Gary Larson in his books or online.

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