9 People You Might Want to Block on Snapchat 👋 💁 ...

Snapchat is pretty awesome … except when it's not. When it's not awesome, it's really, really … really not awesome. In the main, as a social media platform, it's not so different from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr: you can interact with your friends and family, you can share lots of cool stuff, and you can follow a lot of cool people. Also, you will be very annoyed by a great many other users and it's possible that you will receive more than your fair share of dick pics, generally unsolicited. Snapchat stands apart, however, because of what you can do – and I don't just mean playing around with filters or making cool Snapchat art. My point is that there are some people you might want to block on Snapchat, just to guarantee yourself the best Snapchat experience. Which people should be avoided at all costs? These people. These people right here.

1. The Guy Who Sends Photos of His Genitals without Asking

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Let's just get this one out in the open, shall we? Now, I know not all guys do this, I absolutely know that, and you do, too. However, some guys do, and many of those guys seem to end up on Snapchat. You don't even have to be carrying on a conversation with this guy. He might send you a snap or a video out of nowhere, showing him jerkin' the gherkin or something. NO THANKS, SNAPCHAT MAN.

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