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7 Phases of Post Concert Depression ...

By Vanessa

All concert junkies experience something called "post concert depression" and yes, it's a serious thing. It's when we realize that the concert we've been counting down to for weeks is officially over. It's a pretty devastating time - am I right? The last time I battled post concert depression was just a few weeks ago, right after a Rixton concert in New York City. Sigh. Check out the phases of post concert depression and see if you've gone through it too!

1 Euphoria

This is what you're feeling while you're standing front row, singing (and probably crying) along to your favorite song. This feeling sticks with you all through the night. It's with you while you pass the merchandise tables and it's still with you when you exit the venue. If you decide to stick around and wait for your favorite musicians to come out, euphoria will stick with you till then. This is just phase one of post concert depression.

2 Reflection

After the show, you'll take a moment to register everything that went down. This usually means you and your friends are still squealing about how perfect the artist/band are in person. You could also use this time period to upload all of your photos to your Twitter and Instagram accounts. You'll undoubtedly find yourself writing long (and usually in all capital letters) captions about how this concert has changed your life and how it was "the best concert I've ever been to!" Been there, done that.


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3 Realization

This is when it hits you. You realize that this concert did in fact change in your life and now you wonder, what will ever live up to it? You realize that all the photos and videos you took can never really capture the monumental thing you just experienced. So, to keep living it, you decide to talk about it non-stop and you play the concert over and over again in your mind.

4 Reality

Now it's time for a reality check. The next day you'll be returning to your everyday life. How could that possibly be more exciting than the night you just had? You tell your friends of the show you went to but their "Oh, sounds awesome." responses is not enough! They don't understand just how awesome it really was, do they?

5 Binge-watching Your Concert Vids

I admit, I'm a concert-video hoarder. My phone is packed with videos but I can't seem to ever delete one because it's my way of living the concert over and over again! This, my friends, is phase five. During this phase, you'll be glued to your phone. You'll be watching every video you took and analyzing every photo. It might also include a lot of group texts where you send this video to all your friends, letting them in on what they missed.

6 Impulse

This phase can be somewhat pricy if you're not careful. You start to miss the concert SO much that you find yourself on LiveNation, looking up the next time your favorite band will be around. You might even find yourself considering a show that's across state lines. At this point, money is no object. You just MUST see them! Yup, I've had way too many impulse buys.

7 Acceptance

The last and final stage, acceptance. We come to accept the fact that the "best night of our life" is officially over. Now, we move on and continue to live. That is, until the next concert! I don't know about you, but my countdowns begin as soon as the last concert I attended is over!

Well, there you have it! If you're a concert junkie like me, these seven stages of post concert depression are all too familiar to you. It's okay though, we're all in this together! When was the last time you were a victim of post concert depression? Which concert tickets did you impulse-buy to make yourself feel better?!

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