Proof That Animals Are Photobomb Masters ...

By Jennifer

Proof That Animals Are Photobomb Masters ...

If the word "photobomb" calls to mind your annoying younger brother and his friends, forget about those twerps and consider this: the very best photobomb experts are actually animals. Not convinced? Here's proof...

Table of contents:

  1. famous squirrel
  2. sloth
  3. dog, i think?
  4. giraffe gaffe
  5. smile!
  6. stingray smile
  7. penguins and friend
  8. dolphin delight
  9. pigeon
  10. stalker kitty
  11. attention hound
  12. llama?
  13. flying fish
  14. doggie
  15. corgi + pug

1 Famous Squirrel

Famous Squirrel This is the first animal photobomb photo I ever saw, and it's a classic!

2 Sloth

Sloth Isn't he cute, and photogenic?

3 Dog, I Think?

Dog, I Think? This one's kind of artistic, isn't it?

4 Giraffe Gaffe

Giraffe Gaffe I love this one!

5 Smile!

Smile! Is this an emu or an ostrich or something else? And is he smiling?

6 Stingray Smile

Stingray Smile Apparently, this stingray smiles every time he sees a camera. Love it, even though technically, it's not a photobomb.

7 Penguins and Friend

Penguins and Friend Let's get a nice shot of this group of penguins... oh, wait...

8 Dolphin Delight

Dolphin Delight I can hear him, and he's saying something like "whee!" in dolphin-language.

9 Pigeon

Pigeon "Let's take a photo in front of this gorgeous example of..." yeah. PHOTOBOMB!

10 Stalker Kitty

Stalker Kitty This poor pooch has a feline photobomber/stalker.

11 Attention Hound

Attention Hound I love this one! This puppy looks completely focused on photobombing!

12 Llama?

Llama? I'm not sure what this creature is, but he look very serious as he bombs this photo.

13 Flying Fish

Flying Fish Holy carp, I'd be startled, too!

14 Doggie

Doggie Does this qualify as a photobomb? It was just supposed to be a nice landscape.

15 Corgi + Pug

Corgi + Pug Pug wants in the picture, too!

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