Puppies Dressed up in Disney Costumes? My Heart Just Melted ...

What's better than puppies dressed up as iconic Disney characters?! Nothing. Nothing at all. The folks over at Oh My Disney dressed up some adorable rescue pups in costumes that will absolutely melt your heart. The photo collection of these pups dressed up as Ariel, Queen Elsa, Jasmine, and more is accompanied with a slow-mo video that captured the whole photo shoot. Prepare to say "AW" for the entire minute:

Cuteness overload, right?! Here are the photos:

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Look at those long red locks!

2. Winnie the Pooh

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Winnie! I need to hug him!

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This pup has got the Elsa look down pat!

4. Jack Sparrow

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Oh my god... this is everything.

5. Rapunzel & Flynn Rider

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Rapunzel & Flynn?! Cutest thing ever!

6. Aladdin & Jasmine

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Look at these two on the flying carpet!

All of the puppies that were featured in the video are rescue puppies who are available for adoption in Los Angeles at handspawshearts.org! If you’re interested in rescuing a puppy (or an older dog or any animal in need), find a shelter near you!

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