7 Quotes about Anger That Will Calm You down with Laughter ...


7 Quotes about Anger That Will Calm You down with Laughter ...
7 Quotes about Anger That Will Calm You down with Laughter ...

When you're angry at a friend, you can't smack them in the face and expect the problem to go away. However, you can't bottle up your emotions, either. You need to find a strategy that will let you deal with your frustration in a healthy way. While it can be difficult to calm down after a burst of anger, there are plenty of different ways to do so. The best way involves laughter, which is why there are so many silly quotes about anger that will help you relax. Here are some of the best ones:

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Bone Breaker

Bone Breaker We all know violence isn't the answer, but it won't stop us at laughing at this quote about anger. I mean, wouldn't you rather break a leg and wear a cast for a few months than get dumped and wonder what you did wrong for the rest of eternity? At least there's a way to bandage up your limbs. Your heart is a little less cooperative when you try to fix it up.


Anger Issues

Anger Issues If you get angry easily, you cant blame yourself, because it might not be your fault. You might just be surrounded by incredibly irritating people. If you relocate and end up with a new group, those "anger issues" everyone claims you have may vanish. It's all about who you choose to associate with, so stay away from the bad seeds.


Minor Misunderstandings

Minor Misunderstandings Sometimes, you'll start a fight without realizing that you're doing so. You'll think that you're explaining yourself in a calm manner, but everyone else will shrink away from you out of fright. To avoid a misunderstanding, you need to watch your tone and choice of words. You don't need those pointless fights in your life.


Feeling Fine

Feeling Fine Men complain about women being overly emotional, so when they ask us what's wrong, there's no wonder why we lie to them. We've all said that we're fine when we're not or that nothing is wrong when it is, which is why men are even smart enough to know that the words are a bad sign.


Comfort Candy

Comfort Candy Who doesn't love affection? When you're angry, having your boyfriend wrap you in his arms can be all you need to calm down. However, if he's the one you're mad at, that gesture could be dangerous. That's why comfort food can be the better option for any gender.


Rest and Relaxation

Rest and Relaxation Even if you know you need therapy, you might not be able to afford it. If that's the case, there are plenty of things that can help you relax instead. Drink some coffee, pet a puppy, or take kickboxing lessons. Whatever works for you is fine.


Okay to Cry

Okay to Cry Some people cry whenever they get angry. It's a frustrating thing, because then others won't take you seriously. However, there's nothing wrong with shedding a few tears. It's a normal reaction when you're overwhelmed with emotion. It doesn't make you any weaker than your opponent.

Anger is an emotion you'll feel for as long as your heart's still beating, which is why you need to learn to deal with it in a healthy way. You don't want it to destroy you, so be careful. How do you calm yourself down when you get angry?

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