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In the UK, we had a couple of tabloids who tried to outdo each other with crazy newspaper headlines. The Sunday Sport was truly a dreadful newspaper that saw its demise when people finally got fed up with endless ridiculous stories and pages and pages of boobs and more boobs. Luckily, The Sun continues to keep up the tradition of making its headlines funny, witty, trite and often crazy. The Sun however, does it deliberately. There are other crazy newspaper headlines that aren’t always thought out, resulting in a chuckle or two.

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Well Who’d Have Guessed?

Well Who’d Have Guessed? Newspapers are meant to inform and educate. They tell us the news! Is it news to anyone that we need oxygen to live? This was posted in the Mason County News. It’s not belly laughingly funny but it’s definitely one of our crazy newspaper headlines.


Birth Announcement

Birth Announcement Sometimes a headline is perfectly reasonable and does the job intended – i.e. it tells us a piece of news. If however, the layout editor doesn’t pay too much attention to the stories and pictures he puts next to each other, the resulting juxtapositions may give rise to a laugh or two.


Spell Check!

Spell Check! Hmmm! Enough said


Move over Monica

Move over Monica Seriously? The Clinton/Lewinski story had the world captivated, but is this headline telling us the former US President played away from home more often and with other than Ms. Lewinsky? Actually, the truth is not so juicy. It’s the story of Hurricane Bonnie and its impact on the town of Clinton.



Tasty! Some crazy newspaper headlines must seem perfectly normal to the writer with the by-line. There’s nothing wrong with this statement but it’s easily misinterpreted.


Out of Time

Out of Time This is one of those silly newspaper headlines that you can glance at and simply move on without really registering it. Then you look to the next column with something niggling at you. You know that something isn’t quite right. Then it hits you. The American Civil War took place in the 19th Century (1861-1865 to be exact) and you’re fairly sure that airplanes didn’t take to the skies until the 20th Century. A quick look at Google tells you the first flight took place in 1903. This headline appeared in the Jefferson Iowa News in 2010!


State the Obvious

State the Obvious At some newspapers, it is someone different to the author of the story who applies the headline. This can result in misunderstandings, disconnects and misnomers, such as in this case. The story explains that homicide victims who don’t die immediately often are unable to say anything of value to police. The headline editor makes a rather obvious but silly statement.


Poo, Smelly!

Poo, Smelly! Sometimes, it’s hard to know if some silly newspaper headlines are deliberate. I have a feeling this one is. It’s actually a bit too clever to be accidental.


Where Are You Going on Vacation?

Where Are You Going on Vacation? This is a great example of newspaper headlines gone wrong.


Erm, Right!

Erm, Right! Are we meant to take the story that follows the headline seriously? Does it fill us with confidence that the author has something interesting and useful to impart? Actually, I’m the kind of person that sees a headline like this and is imbued with a burning sense of curiosity so I continue on into the story.


More Stating the Obvious

More Stating the Obvious Well it isn’t wrong is it? The thing is when you make such an obvious statement as a headline is that it seems to lose its sense of realism. It was further compounded when the headline was accompanied by a banner claiming “exclusive to all newspapers”.

If only editors re-read their headlines before signing off the copy. These newspaper headlines gone wrong could all have been prevented with a little proof-reading, but then we wouldn’t have a laugh would we? Which is your favorite?

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