11 Real but Crazy Newspaper Headlines ...

In the UK, we had a couple of tabloids who tried to outdo each other with crazy newspaper headlines. The Sunday Sport was truly a dreadful newspaper that saw its demise when people finally got fed up with endless ridiculous stories and pages and pages of boobs and more boobs. Luckily, The Sun continues to keep up the tradition of making its headlines funny, witty, trite and often crazy. The Sun however, does it deliberately. There are other crazy newspaper headlines that aren’t always thought out, resulting in a chuckle or two.

1. Well Who’d Have Guessed?

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Newspapers are meant to inform and educate. They tell us the news! Is it news to anyone that we need oxygen to live? This was posted in the Mason County News. It’s not belly laughingly funny but it’s definitely one of our crazy newspaper headlines.

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