Reasons I'm Not a Bitch, Just Sarcastic ...

Ever noticed how often sarcasm gets mistaken for bitchiness? This subject is very interesting to me because like many people out there, I kind of have a case of resting bitch-face – and I tend to be sarcastic. You see the problem, right? There are lots of facets of sarcasm that can seem mean, which sometimes leads to trouble. I've seen lots of coverage on the differences between the two, but there are lots of reasons you can be sarcastic without being a bitch. These are the ones familiar to me. How about you?

1. I'm Not Trying to Be Mean

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Sound familiar? Sarcasm isn't about being mean. A mean person can be sarcastic, but a sarcastic person isn't always trying to cause harm or hurt anyone's feelings. I would say β€œnever,” but you know, hey, nobody's perfect!

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