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7 Reasons to Go out Tonight Even if It's the Last Thing You Want to do ...

By Jackie

Trying to give yourself reasons to go out more may certainly be the last thing you want to do at the end of a long workweek. When Friday night is calling your name but so are your cozies, some take out and a Netflix marathon, it’s definitely time to get off that couch and go out! You never know what’s going to happen or whom you’re going to meet. So, walk to your closet and pick out a cute top while I give your some reasons to go out more, even if it’s the last thing you want to do!

1 You’re Never Going to Get a Boyfriend Staying at Home

Okay, sure, going out to troll for a boyfriend at your neighborhood bar may be not seem like one of the greatest reasons to go out more, but you’re never going to find him unless you get out and try! No online profile can measure up to seeing a guy across the room and getting that buzz in your gut that he may just be the one.

2 Netflix Cannot Become Your New Best Friend

I am totally guilty of binge watching Breaking Bad and finding it impossible to leave my house to actually see what happens in my own life when Jesse and Walt seem so much more exciting. But, guess what? Your life is pretty exciting and it could be a whole lot more if you’d get off of your couch and see what might happen. Hopefully, it has nothing to do with illegal drug trade.


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3 The Best Night of Your Life

For every night I was so rudely awakened by a friend telling me to go out and I whined that I didn’t want to, you know what happened? I had the best night of my life. There’s something about not having expectations, wearing something simple and not caring about how you look that lends itself to becoming the best night of your life. You can never plan the best night of your life, but saying yes to something may make your chances better.

4 Your Friends Miss You

Have you recently gone missing? Do you have a bunch of missed calls and texts that you’re avoiding? Is it because you recently got into a relationship? Having a significant other to cuddle up with every night makes it even harder to leave the confines of happy coupledom and see your friends, who are wondering if you’re indeed alive. Leave your main squeeze at home and see your friends! You’ll have a great time catching up with them and have something new to tell your partner when you get home. You win both ways!

5 It Could Be Career Altering

Going out, whether with your friends or to a networking event, can absolutely lead to new contacts, which could lead your career in a whole new direction. What’s better than grabbing a cocktail and talking to like-minded people while picking up a few business cards that may lead to something? If you’re looking to get your career going or simply add to it, going out can definitely lead you in the right direction.

6 If You’ve Had a Bad Day

If you’ve had a bad day it should be mandatory that you go out and do something to reward yourself for pulling through it. Grab a cocktail with your friends, go see the movie that you’ve been dying to see, go to karaoke and act like it’s a Saturday night instead of a Wednesday. You deserve some fun. Go out and get it!

7 You’re Having the Best Hair Day

Okay, maybe this one seems a little thin. But, if you’re having a great hair/makeup/fashion day, go show the rest of the world how great you look. You’re already exuding confidence, go see what else might happen with those wind blown locks of yours!

Getting up and out of your house can be really hard when home feels like, well… Home. But, there’s no reason to stay home wasting away when you could be swishing your awesome hair around, making a new work contact or possibly meeting the love of your life. When you add it up I think it’s clear that going out may be the best thing you could do tonight. When was the last time you went out when you didn’t want to and had the best night ever? Leave a comment and let us know!

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