7 Sharp-Witted Quotes from Groucho Marx ...


I never tire of reading quotes from Groucho Marx. As one of the Marx Brothers and in his own right, he made millions laugh in their crazy movies (do watch some if youโ€™ve never seen them) but he was also a brilliant raconteur and delivered plenty of bon-mots and one-liners. The quotes from Groucho Marx are memorable because they are observant, funny, clever and interesting.

1. Dogs and Books

Dogs and Books

One of the things I so love about many of the quotes from Groucho Marx is when you first start reading one it seems so innocuous. They make a bland or perfectly true/known/logical statement, but they finish in a way that surprises and delights. One-liners from Groucho Marx have the innate ability to wrong foot you. You thought this one was going to explain why dogs and books are manโ€™s best friends right?

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