17 Struggles All Short Girls Can Relate to in Life ...


17 Struggles All Short Girls Can Relate to in Life ...
17 Struggles All Short Girls Can Relate to in Life ...

Tall girls - and heck, even normal-height girls - just don't understand the daily struggles of short girls. The advantages are few (plane travel is more comfortable, for one) but the struggle is real. Here are a few of the short girl problems that need to be solved, stat.

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Capris, Please

Capris, Please Capris are on-trend right now, so you'd think most labels would have a cropped pant that flatters short girls, but no. Instead of hitting us mid-calf, they're ankle-length or longer. Why?


Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror The mirrors in public restrooms are usually okay, but sometimes it seems they cater specifically to women who only want to see themselves only from the eyebrows up.


Shopping the Shelves

Shopping the Shelves If it's on the top shelf at the grocery store, you must not need it.


Long Sleeves

Long Sleeves Long sleeves really ARE long for anyone under five-two. You're probably sick of rolling your cuffs. I know I am!


Two Hug Choices

Two Hug Choices If you're hugging your sigoth, you'll end up in his armpit. If you're hugging your bestie, you'll end up with her boobs in your face.


The Chairs

The Chairs Why can't someone invent an office chair for shorter people, so our feet can actually touch the ground?


Keep up!

Keep up! When you're walking - or heaven forbid, running - with your friends, you'll have to work a lot harder, or fall behind. Boo.


Washing Machine

Washing Machine I'm so glad someone finally came up with the front-loading washing machine, because I was so tired of having to practically fall into my old top-loader to get all of my laundry out!


The Comments

The Comments Call me "cute" one more time. Go on. I dare you.


The Questions

The Questions Or, you're such a comedian! Yes, I DO know how short I am! Thanks for asking.


The Pool

The Pool I guess this could be considered a plus, but when you're a short girl, the entire pool is the "deep end."


The Movies

The Movies Ugh, is there anything worse than sitting behind a row of tall people at the movies?


The Seat

The Seat Whenever anyone drives my car, I have the pleasure of having to readjust my car seat. On the plus side, they have to move it in the first place.


Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster There have admittedly been a couple of times I was seriously worried that after waiting an hour in line for the roller coaster, I'd be too short to make it on the ride.


Career Choices

Career Choices Basketball player? No. Horse jockey? Sure!



Bedtime Why are the beds in some hotels so far off the ground? And why don't they at least have a little stool next to them so you don't have to get a running start at bedtime?


The Hump

The Hump It's so not fair! Ride in a car with four or more friends, and guess who gets relegated to the middle spot in the back seat with that stupid awkward hump? No fair!

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